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Welcome to This is the place for residents of Jerusalem, along with visitors, to share information about services and events (as well as history, etc.) in our community. This page is a wiki, which means anyone can edit and create a page. Don't be shy. If you see something that is wrong, incomplete or missing, don't complain about it, fix it. Just click the edit link at the right or the top of the page. There is a companion Hebrew website (אתר בעברית), but there isn't anything there yet, or the link to there is broken. Feel free to start it though, or fix the link if you can.

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If you are new to the concept of a wiki, here is a quick summary. They are a collaborative effort that everyone can contribute to. For instance, if you want to change something on this page or create a new page you are free to. In fact, we hope that you do.

The biggest and best example of a wiki is the Wikipedia.

For an idea of how a wikicity can develop, see the Calgary Wikia.


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